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There is no alternative to your assessment; hence, it is highly recommended to interview an individual through video and online tests to check for knowledge and experience. Apart from the real-time interaction with the candidate you can also examine the body language, facial expressions, communication skills, and personality in video interviews. It helps you know the candidate better, decide who would be the best fit, and finally have the best person on the job. Not just that, it also helps you determine the potential longevity of the particular staff in your firm. We are really happy with exceptional services provided by CapActix Business Solutions. They removed all the bottlenecks in our accounting system and provided integrated accounting & virtual CFO services for analysis of our core business area.

  • You will have more financial transactions to record, more employees for payroll processing, and potentially, more regulatory norms to adhere to.
  • The future of offshore accounting for US accounting firms appears promising, but certain trends and shifts will likely influence its trajectory.
  • You won’t have to shed extra money for hiring, preparing, and managing your team since they get to share these responsibilities with you.
  • Know the status of any particular job from your smartphone and bring the client up to speed.
  • Offshore Business Processing is a Philippines-based offshore service provider delivering data entry, accounting, call centers, and IT services.

To ensure legal compliance, your accounting partner should be aware of federal and state rules in your country. Compared to unskilled employees, skilled and experienced offshore workers will be better able to handle accounting chores effectively. That’s why you should ensure the outsourced accountant possesses all of the skills and competence necessary to complete accounting accurately and quickly.

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In-house accounting services can often be overly expensive due to hiring and training costs and require too much management oversight. But with offshore accounting services, you get high-quality services at affordable prices due to the low labor costs in popular offshoring destinations like India, Mexico, etc. Offshore Business Processing is a Philippines-based offshore service provider delivering data entry, accounting, call centers, and IT services. It offers outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, internal auditing, etc., to large and small businesses. Services might include basic bookkeeping, management accounts, tax accounting, and even CFO advice.

Financial statement preparation can help you evaluate the liquidity of your business. Additionally, a good CPA firm (Certified Public Accountant) may help reduce the tax you pay as they’ll usually be updated with new tax laws and concessions. This way, you what is depreciation how is it calculated can relieve the pressure on your accountant and ensure that your accounting is error-free. Derek Gallimore has been in business for 20 years, outsourcing for over eight years, and has been living in Manila (the heart of global outsourcing) since 2014.

It’s crucial to find an offshore accounting firm that offers good pricing, especially since it’s one of the most important reasons for outsourcing bookkeeping. Offshore accounting is the process of keeping track of a firm’s financial transactions and accounts while it is located in another country. This might include everything from documenting spending and income to filing taxes and producing financial reports. Companies with significant sales overseas, such as Apple and Microsoft, may take the opportunity to keep related profits in offshore accounts in countries with lower tax burdens.

  • Offshore can refer to a variety of foreign-based entities, accounts, or other financial services.
  • You don’t have all day to quiz accounting firms to figure out if they know the difference between financial reporting and tax preparation.
  • You want a service provider that offers high-quality services at a competitive price.
  • This helps bring the two offices closer together, allowing them to achieve their targeted objectives faster.

These talks are designed to raise their expertise to improve operational efficiency quickly. A dedicated option is ideal if you want to move to non-specific activities such as accounting and preparing financial statements. Because these duties do not necessitate particular skills, any employee who meets the basic requirements for the position should be able to finish the job. Offshore banking involves securing assets in financial institutions in foreign countries, which may be limited by the laws of the customer’s home nation—much like offshore investing. Think of the famed Swiss bank account— that James Bond-like account that puts rich people’s money out of reach of their own country’s government. The primary downsides to offshore investing are the high costs and the increased regulatory scrutiny worldwide that offshore jurisdictions and accounts face.

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There are numerous firms throughout the world providing offshore accounting services to a variety of sectors. They perform a number of accounting activities, including generating financial reports, tax calculations, income tax filing, and accounting for accounts payable. By partnering with an offshore accounting firm, you eliminate the financial burden of employee salaries, expenses, and the resources required to get them up and running.

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Choose the right offshore accounting service provider that understands your type of industry and needs. This can provide a clear picture of their ability to handle your accounting needs. This is crucial because a smooth collaboration between your offshore and in-house teams can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency. It is really difficult for small and mid-size business clients to hire full time account staff or CPA firm and get cost effective solution. CapActix’s cost-effective structure made it possible for us to meet all our financial needs at a competitive rate.

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Since change management is a factor, the ROI might be slower than anticipated. There is also the possibility that the founding team won’t work out because they leave or become unqualified. Offshoring your tax reporting and filing allows you to submit your returns and promptly declare taxes. An accounting offshore service provider will be well-versed in the regulations governing tax compliance on a global scale. Payroll services include calculating employee payments, including salaries and deductions.


When it comes to managing a company, there are inherent risks involved in employing staff. However, outsourcing your accounting services to an offshore firm can significantly reduce these risks. Accurate accounting is crucial for managing a company’s budget and meeting legal obligations. While many firms handle this in-house, others partner with offshore teams in countries like India and Vietnam. Companies should seek service providers with highly competent accountants familiar with domestic and international accounting regulations.

Offshore companies with skilled and trained employees will be able to manage accounting tasks efficiently — than unskilled employees. That’s why you must ensure that the outsourced accountant can carry out accounting swiftly and with perfection. By offshoring accounting services, you can distribute the tasks among a larger group and reduce the workload on your accountants. And if you don’t have an in-house accounting professional with the required skills, you can hire an offshore accounting service.

For example, offshore accounting firms in India work in a controlled environment with tight security measures to safeguard their clients’ information. They adhere to international standards and data privacy laws in the West and their own country while executing standard methods according to worldwide norms. The experience of previous clients can be a treasure trove of information about the performance, reliability, and service quality of the offshore accounting firms you’re considering. Testimonials usually highlight the strengths of the company, helping you understand if their strong points align with your requirements.